Monday 11 October 2010


....or as my husband hilariously (in his own mind!) stated, the Chilean Miners will be out and blogging before you and Debs get started!!

To say we had a few technical difficulties in getting started is a slight understatement, however as the title indicates - Rome wasn't built in a day. 

Without giving our ages away, Debs and I are from that era where we text every word in full without having to resort to "dis", "dat" and "dudder" and don't start every sentence with "Mi Julie" and end it with "innit". 

Apparently blogging is the future and not wanting to be left out of anything, we decided to hop on board and embrace technology....unfortunately it didn't want to embrace us the first couple of attempts!!

Attempt 1 : bottle of wine, hummous, olives and some cut-price flap-jacks that were on offer.  We didn't get further than "password not recognised".

Attempt 2 : two bottles of wine, hummous, olives and garlic roulade (flap-jacks no longer on offer).  Stumbled on "What name shall we give ourselves?", settled on Savvy & Appy (Debs didn't like dappy, something to do with NDubz, lawsuits and "I don't think I look like a dappy Michelle?"), stumbled again on password protection, when asked what historical figure to remind us of our password, Debs came up with Martin Luther King...................I suggested "Diana" - Debs replied "as in Dors?" Noooooo, I replied "Princess...."

You begin to get the picture of how the rest of the evening panned out.....

Second bottle of wine later.... still on the password page where we were asked to type in the encrypted word....Debs forgot her glasses and was by now squinting at the screen, wine glass in hand.  I was furiously trying to work out whether it was a "q" or a "p" or a "g" or an "i".......we were timed out and banned for 24 hours.

So onto introductions...

My name is Michelle Savage and I'm the inventor of Savvylash, the eyelash separator which I sell via the website at £4.99 + P&P.  Please see my news and press page on the website for details.  Ideal stocking fillers for the fast approaching festive season!!!

My good friend is Debbie Appleton who I met when we trained as beauty therapists some years ago and she has agreed to be my bella-blogger.  More of our exploits later (and we've had many!)

We intend to do a weekly blog on beauty products, what works, what doesn't work, our new product finds and guest bloggers (our mates for now until Cheryl Cole decides to come on board!).

So in the words of Julie Andrews, these are a few of our favourite things......!

MAC LIPGLASS - Deb's current favourite - this is the perfect product for creating shine that lasts.  It's pigmented, very shiny and can impart subtle or dramatic colour.  Here's the Science bit...... it contains Jojoba Oil to help soften and condition the
lips.  Her male colleagues stop what they're doing to watch her when she applies this every lunch-hour - it's show-stopping!!

Retails at £12. 

An Oldie (like Rod Stewart) but goodie is Benefit's High Beam - a firm favourite for any beauty kit.  The technical jargon reads "luminescent complexion enhancer" which basically means "killer cheekbones" and "Bette Davis Brows" (ask your Nana who she was!)
                                                                                            Retails at £17.50

We're open to (clean) suggestions, and welcome your beauty tips and recommendations and look forward to hearing from you.  Please forward our blog address onto your friends...

Thanks for reading, ta-ra for now! xx


  1. Hi Michelle can you please send me a savvy lash & i will pay Ms apples when i next see her actually can i have 2 will get Roxy one before she takes mine... Thanks and stay sober

  2. Great blog girls! Really made me chuckle! Can't wait for next weeks! I can confirm the lipgloss is show stopping as I witness the dropped jaws and drool of our male colleagues every day! Sorry I am not Cheryl Cole but I will be checking your blog every week! PS I also used my Savvylash today!

  3. hi lady savage and her little mate debbie!!
    LOVING your blog, really made me laugh and will definatley be keeping an eye on it!
    I love savvylash and bought it for lots of my friends and family so they can also have fab lashes! I can 100% recommend it to all lovely ladies out there! My husband will kill me for this, but he loves savvy lash too! Not to use I hasten to add, but one drunken night he decided he loved the name and would be well up for helping out when you get round to advertising on TV!! (he loves the Savvy part of it michelle as he loves you so much!)
    Looking forward to all the beauty tips, kazpod x

  4. Love love love savvylash

    Its an essential to any make up bag


  5. Hi Michelle & Debbie, well done girls Savvylash comes to Australia. Im sure you will do well here.Good feedback on all the products Love the blog ,but would like to see a before and after shot of those lovley eyes before then after using Savvylash.The aussie girls said your products gave top results and most said it made them feel more sensual ,of course im for all of that. So comeon Guys buy Savvylash Products for your favourite girl to bring out that Savvy Sensuality,it could be a Win Win Wink Wink Love Love situation for us guys . John xx

  6. Sonia hopes you are well on your way to your first million with your brilliant SAVVYLASH product.
    all the best.
    BIG MICK and snotty sonia (she as a cold)x

  7. Hi Michelle (and Debs) Just to let you and all those people reading this that I am an avid fan of the savvylash and have been from the beginning.... I have given them as gifts to all my female friends and relatives and they too are converted!!!!. My sons girlfriend wears loads of mascara to get the false lash effect, when I bought one for her, she couldn't get over how much better her lashes look and how easy the Savvylash is to use... Thank you very much for the Savvylash, it is the most important tool in my make up case. Debbie G XXX

  8. Tried adding a comment last night..I think it was either too late or I was too tired..or new tricks and dogs come to mind! Anyway here are my ramblings.... of course before I became an avid user of Savvylash!!Here I am
    Feeling old and wrinkled,
    With saggy bum
    That’s far too dimpled.
    Discoloured skin
    To the lids of my eyes,
    Can’t bring myself to speak-
    Of my wobbley thighs!
    Spider veins crawling
    Up my lower limb,
    Distant memories
    Of being really thin-
    My washboard abdomen
    Has begun to rust,
    Hoisting up
    My droopy bust!
    Creeking knees
    When I climb the stairs,
    Greying and vanishing
    Pubic hairs-
    If that wasn’t enough
    Then what do I find,
    Hairs on my chin
    Of the whiskery kind!
    How I hate feeling
    Fat and frumpy,
    Will I soon be too old
    For rumpy-pumpy?
    What I need is
    Time for me,
    To feel alive
    And be carefree.
    Having more time
    And being more active
    May make me feel
    Much more attractive!
    But then a man-
    With failing sight,
    Could be the answer
    To end my plight.
    And without nip or tuck
    Or visit to the gym.
    My problem’s solved
    Now.. where to find him!

  9. Thanks everyone for taking the time to write your kind comments.
    Love the Poem Kim, will you be our regular Poet Laureate?
    Please keep posting

    Debs and Michelle

  10. Well Mrs Savage i think i have finally become a blogger, took a while as these things do with people of a certain age, loving the site. from your appreciative coiffeur Mr H, x

  11. The Savylash looks interesting! I haven't tried Benefit's High Beam yet but I have seen several videos and blog posts showing great dupes! I hear ELF's Facial Whip in Lilac Petal is the closest one and is only $1.00!

  12. Eventually figured out how to log on, sorry for the delay Michelle. I love Savvylash,I bought mine via Ebay! Very Fast delivery and what a great addition to my makeup bag. It has lots of uses as you have already mentioned but also a great aid for helping to apply false lashes!! Don’t know what I would do without it.
    Also use high beam, again thanks for the introduction. Is great to use over the top of blusher to add definition and really make those cheekbones stand out.
    Loving the blogging girls I had a real laugh reading it, Keep up the good work. Louloux

  13. Hi
    saw you on evil Dragon's Den lol :) Fancied a try of your product, went to your website and you were sold out with none on Ebay either tuttut.
    Good luck with it, I remember my mum standing close to the mirror when I was younger with a hair pin seperating her lashes so I would have loved to get one of these for her too :0)
    take care and every success for the future

  14. Hi girls,
    I have been using a needle for years to separate my lashes and they always got lost at the bottom of my make up bag, so would love to get hold of one of your Savvylashes then I can throw away the needles!
    I am sure your product will be a success. Best of luck, the Dragons have missed out I'm sure!