Sunday 21 November 2010


Having been educated at Christian Ladies Finishing School (Ye…right!), we’re completely averse to sinning, however from time to time we’ve found ourselves dipping our beautifully pedicured toes into the dark side………… and occasionally liked it!! Admittedly most of this has involved alcohol, dancing like an idiot, rolling around the bottom of a black cab looking for the house keys and Michelle thinking she’s Kylie Minogue with a bout of selected memory loss the morning after!

……In attempting to re-create the infamous Kylie video to “Can’t get you out of my head” Michelle improvised Ms Minogue’s white hooded-outfit with oven mitts over her head complete with mike in hand. Her husband, cowering in the corner, tried his very best to ignore her and pretend the performance of a lifetime in his own lounge wasn’t really happening. Easier said than done until his eardrums started bleeding from not-so-delicate shouts of “Maaaaaaaaark…..! Maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaark…….! I’m Kylie….. look Mark, look…..Mark - why are you not looking??!!”

So the next time the Prince of Darkness tries to tempt you into sinning, be strong and remember the Seven Deadly Sins of Beauty are easier to avoid than any alcohol-assisted sins we’ve (allegedly) taken part in…….

Applying face bronzer or blusher at 100 mph over and over and over is a look even Heidi Klum would struggle to pull off!!
TIP: Apply bronzer with a professionally designed make-up brush. Starting at the side of the temple, imagine the numerical figure “3” at the side of your face and sweep down, underneath your cheekbone and carry down underneath your jaw line. Repeat on the opposite side with the number “3” movement and move onto the centre of your face. Lightly brush down from the temple where the sun would naturally kiss the face! NOW STOP!!! Remember, bronzer compliments the make-up you may already have applied ie, cheek highlighter and blusher.

Look after your tools of your trade by cleaning your make-up brushes regularly. Not only will this help to apply make-up better and ensure your brushes last longer, but will stop the build up of bacteria and keep your skin in tip top condition.
TIP : Remember to tap the brush gently on the back of your hand to remove any excess powder before applying - NEVER BLOW ONTO YOUR MAKE-UP BRUSH like a severe weather warning in your bedroom!  We wash our brushes in liquid soap …hold the base/root of the brush tightly when washing and try to avoid water getting down the connection where the handle and brush meet - as this will affect the glue and loosen the bristles. Once washed and thoroughly rinsed, gently reshape the bristles and lie flat to naturally dry off.

Just because the new product on the market claims to banish cellulite, get rid of wrinkles, give you that flawless skin we all want - doesn’t necessarily mean it’ll be right for you, your skin and your wallet!! From our experience, the only product worth splurging on is a quality foundation.
TIP : We can highly recommend LancĂ´me’s Photogenic Foundation as used by the make-up artists on the BBC1 drama
Waterloo Road
when Michelle visited the set to promote Savvylash. As Volunteers for the Charity “Look Good Feel Better” at Manchester’s Christie’s Hospital, contained within the fabulous beauty packs kindly donated by The Cosmetic, Toiletry and Perfumery Association (CTPA), we found that the foundation donated by Estee Lauder, appeared to suit all skin types on the inspiring ladies who attended the workshops.

Botox…fillers….lip-plumping…over-tattooed eyebrows……!
Now ….We’re not against a bit of tweaking or “helping Mother Nature” and since we’ve both turned 40, by God have we asked for her help, however she appears to be busy helping others - some a little too much!!
TIP : To avoid that permanently surprised and going through a wind tunnel look, remember a little bit of what you fancy does you good……..WE SAID A LITTLE BIT!!

We loved the 1980’s - it was definitely our era of growing up and indulging with big permed hair, big earrings, big shoulder pads and big statement make-up…. COOL or SICK as the young ‘uns say today! Some how saying “nauseous” doesn’t have the same impact!

I’ve heard on the grapevine (via her mother) that Debs aspired to be one of Robert Palmer’s “Addicted to Love” “glamorous guitarist chicks” - I’m glad for the good people of Bury that Debs didn’t take up a musical instrument …..I’ve heard her sing and never more apt the saying “If you are going through hell, keep going” by Sir Winston Churchill!

Anyway, back to Robert’s Video, (and Deb’s look) – back in the day, slicked back hair, heavy dark made-up eyes and deep red gloss lips was considered alluring - on reflection, it’s really best practice to avoid this over the top look.
TIP; Choose a focus - either eyes or lips! If it’s the eyes, have the lips in soft nude, barely there pastel colours and alternatively, if you want strong lips have neutral eye shadow.

Now we all know the feeling – it’s daft o’clock, we’re trying (not successfully) to tip-toe around the house to avoid waking our nearest and dearest after a night out, the prospect of removing 15 layers of long-lasting lipgloss about as appealing as Ashley Cole’s marriage vow “Forsaking all others”….!

I have to confess….I’ve committed this cardinal sin however in my defence, it involved a colleague’s retirement party, a taxi with very slippy seats– how else could I have ended up rolling around the floor of said cab - and my front door key which refused to stop moving around when I went anywhere near it with my key. 

Debs rang the following morning to check that (a) I was still alive and (b) my hubby hadn’t noted the scratches on our 4x4 which apparently was used as a prop to get me up the driveway.  Upon hearing my mobile ring for the 144th time, I sat bolt upright in bed and opened up an eye….the other was stuck together with day old mascara.  Debs spent the next 10 minutes reassuring me I hadn’t developed cataracts.  I looked down (with the one eye that was open) and found I had clothes on,,,,..astonishingly, the very same ones I’d gone out in the night before.

“Oh My God!” I cried, distraught beyond belief.  Debs was just about to dial the last “9” for the emergency services when I confessed. …..”I’ve committed the ultimate sin……” followed by a very (some would saw “overly”) dramatic pause followed by the immortal words “I left my make up on …………. (another pause) …………ALLLLLL NIGHT!!”

So, regardless of how late it is, always, always remove your make-up before collapsing into bed, even if it means holding on for dear life to the bathroom mirror as it spins around whilst desperately trying to focus!  Skin needs to breathe at night and take in oxygen, provide nutrients and get rid of pollution built up during the day.  Leave your make-up on and watch your skin break-out faster than Usain Bolt from his starting block……….
TIP If, like Michelle, you’ve committed the cardinal sin, absolve your self by using a gentle face scrub and a face-pack to purify and hydrate your skin. A clay-based mask will draw out impurities and leave your skin feeling slightly better than your head!

Is best defined as an EMOTION, usually from a sense of low self-esteem or maybe a distorted self image, which to be honest can easily happen with this Image conscious society we are living in. We’ve all experienced this unsavoury feeling at one time or another….. But that is exactly what it is …. A feeling and it can be one of the most potent causes of unhappiness.
TIP; We can’t resolve everything …..but….please believe us …… make-up is a powerful tool. Red Indians used war paint to rally themselves for battle and frighten enemies, in the way sports teams wear their kits. Now we’re not suggesting you have a battle around the MAC counter with your favourite lip stick in hand as a lethal weapon...Noooooooo - BUT applying make up ….. for you ….. to feel better and good about yourself WORKS….. even if it’s a quick tickle of mascara and a lick of lip-gloss … invest a little bit of time for you.

As in the words of L‘Oreal……. You’re worth it!

As we’ve already had two quotes we’d like to finish with another ……

“Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow. The important thing is not to stop questioning.”    Albert Einstein
……Oh wouldn’t you love to blog Albert if he was still alive today?

Today we've had a great morning trying on clothes and jewellery at Bouti, which is a newly opened boutique in Ramsbottom, Bury (World Famous Market not open today!).  The sole owner of Bouti, Anne made us feel relaxed, and no pressure to buy but allowed us to indulge ourselves by trying on the fabulous and affordable clothes - you made parting with our money a little less painless!  It was refreshing to just glide through the rails and see something completely different than the usual High Street fashions.  My teenage daughter couldn't wait to visit.......... so that's Christmas sorted!! We wish Anne every success and look forward to visiting again soon!