Thursday 28 October 2010


..... but don't go overboard with the Tango-reen!!

It's that time of year when everyone will be dressing up as ghouls, goblins or at the very worst.......Pete Burns on a bad day! 

So what better way to link into self-tanning, than sharing some tips and recommendations so you don't end up looking like an over-ripe Pumpkin!

The first product we were professionally trained to apply was using the St. Tropez 3-Step System which included exfoliator, moisturiser and lotion. 

Picture the scene: We both turn up at the local beauty college to begin our training.  We were surrounded by gorgeous, nubile and very young (not that we weren't!) females.  The Instructor asked for a volunteer to demonstrate on which basically meant stripping off in front of the whole class.

Debs and I avoided eye-contact and stared at the floor, ceiling, nails and exit until one of the nubile goddesses put her hand up. 

Phew... although we did note she may have had pert breasts and cellulite-free legs, she had not a hint of a personality unlike our good selves. Jealous, us? Never!

Onto the demonstration and the most important advice we can pass onto everyone is exfoliate, exfoliate, exfoliate and avoid using deodorant prior to application - unless you want to look like Grotbags the Witch (basically, your skin will turn green!)

Second step is to wash off the residue from the exfoliator and apply moisturiser to any dry skin areas such as knees, elbows, ankles and heels.

Wearing latex gloves, apply the lotion liberally to cover any white bits and emulsify into your skin using brisk, circular movements so there are no visible streaks - if there are, just apply a small amount of moisturiser and gently blend.  This part of the process is referred to professionally as applying the "guide colour".

Don't use the lotion neat on your face, mix 50/50 with moisturiser and blend around the hairline, ears and back of neck. 

Using either the St. Tropez mitt or your dad or husband's football sock (preferably before the Sunday game!) and buff off the residue after allowing the lotion to dry for approx 15-20 minutes.  You then have to allow at least 4 hours for the colour to develop so best to leave it on overnight - bear in mind that the guide colour will come off on clothes and bedding until it's washed off in the morning.

Sounds easy enough and it was ..... on the volunteer, however Debs had me and to say she struggled to get to my body, is a slight understatement.  After several tussles with the towel and cries of "Michelle, as mad as this sounds, I actually need to get to your body to apply the lotion to have a stab at turning you into the bronzed goddess with pert breasts albeit no personality over there", I decided to chance an ankle out of the corner of the towel to preserve my modesty (cellulite).

Debs, by this time was sweating profusely before she'd even begun to apply and emulsify!  She somehow managed to apply the lotion to my body in time for lunch which was provided in the college canteen. 

Whilst queuing up for a bite to eat and deciding between the quiche or curry, it suddenly dawned on both of us why self-tan should only be applied at night in the comfort and privacy of your own home.  This avoids you coming into contact with members of the general public who firstly have absolutely no idea why your face resembles Stig of the Dump and secondly can never love you regardless of your appearance as only a mother could.....

Having said that, my appearance in the Canteen can in no way rival Deb's decision to go shopping after her application of the guide colour prior to it being washed off for a pair of WHITE linen trousers - never has the question "Can I try these on please?" posed such a challenge to various startled shop assistants....

Since training, we've both used various other products but by far St. Tropez gives the most natural results, however if you're on a budget, try L'Oreal Sublime which provides a fabulous colour and is just as easy to apply.  Just use the same principles of exfoliate, moisturise and blend...

Let the lotion develop overnight and shower off in the morning, removing any excess lotion to reveal a natural Halloween Glow!!!

Thanks for reading - enjoy Halloween and enjoy self-tanning!


  1. Michelle, again, i'm loving your blog! and i bet the pert breast girl was sooo jealous of you and debs and your personalities!! coz in another 10 years what will she have??? nothing!! saggy boots, no modesty (i.e. lots of cellulite) and NO PERSONALITY!!
    Can't wait for the next blog! in the meantime i'll enjoy our song singing in the office! and jewellery shopping hee hee!
    keep up the good work and wine drinking!
    kaz xx

  2. I think ST Tropez is really good, and I also like Jergens natural glow!